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2015 Outsiders Ball Impact Report

2015 Outsiders Ball Impact Report
Hosted by the Outdoor Foundation, the Outsiders Ball is the outdoor industry's flagship fundraiser, bringing together outdoor companies of every size, from every sector to invest in ideas and projects that connect new generations to the outdoors - driving participation and business. The purpose of the Ball is simple: to raise funding and awareness.

In 2015, we blended party and purpose through art, music, competitions and auctions along with great food and drink - all in support of getting youth outdoors. The event welcomed 850 outdoor leaders and raised $265,000, which supports 100 local nonprofit projects and college programs in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Many projects were recommended by outdoor retailers.

Projects run throughout 2015, and the impact will be staggering. A whopping 35,000 youth will be engaged in outdoor recreation, often exposing youth to the outdoors for the very first time and providing all other life-changing opportunities.

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