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The Outdoor Recreation Participation Report is the only detailed study of its kind tracking American participation trends in outdoor recreation. The study is based on an online survey capturing responses from over 40,000 Americans ages six and older and covers 114 different activities.

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Outdoor Nation Special Report: Barriers to the Outdoors

Outdoor Nation Special Report: Barriers to the Outdoors
The first in a series of Outdoor Nation Special Reports, The Outdoor Foundation's Barriers to the Outdoors, provides insights from a growing community of 'Outsiders,' which represents youth ages 13-30, that have come together to influence America's outdoor programs, policies and products.

This special report finds that:
  • According to Outsiders, the primary reasons why more young people aren't spending time outdoors include indoor technologies; time management issues; poor parental influence; and the lack of transportation.
  • The most popular ideas for getting young people outdoors include lowering entry fees for parks and outdoor competitions; starting or joining clubs; adequately educating parents; and integrating the outdoors in school curricula.
  • More than half of Outsiders would use an hour of free time to do something active outside, which is indicative of a motivated, outdoor-oriented membership.
  • Regardless of population size, Outsiders overwhelmingly view their city or town as a good place to enjoy the outdoors. This learning likely speaks to the curious nature of Outsiders who are more motivated than others to explore their hometowns or nearby outdoor attractions.
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